About the Author

Cheryl Caine

I have been a student of Jungian Psychology, Mythology, and ancient cultures all my adult life. I have also studied art and photography. I attended Marylhurst College in Oregon and Benton Community College. I met my husband Ron at the age of 40 and together we explored the American and Canadian West. These adventures gave me opportunities to meet people of different cultures, who helped me realize the soul of the land.

The photo’s I took in these travels lead me to begin to see the dimension of Nature only found in
symmetry. I used all my background studies to learn to identify the archetypal patterns that would
come up over and over again. In this way I began to see not just the physical but also the spiritual
dimension of Nature, and how it related to me. I started to see the wisdom that has been lost that can
bring us back into balance.