Natures Mirror Of


By Cheryl Caine

This is a book about my discovery of the center of symmetry in nature, and how it relates to the center within myself. When a picture is placed in symmetry, the center reveals another dimension that is usually not seen with our normal vision. Since a picture has four sides, it can be placed into symmetry in four different ways. All of these sides will reveal different aspects of what Carl Jung called the Self or wholeness. I show how we can see and tap this center, and learn its wisdom.

About Cheryl Caine

I have been a student of Jungian Psychology, Mythology, and ancient cultures all my adult life. I have also studied art and photography. I attended Marylhurst College in Oregon and Benton Community College. I met my husband Ron at the age of 40 and together we explored the American and Canadian West. These adventures gave me opportunities to meet people of different cultures, who helped me realize the soul of the land.

The photo’s I took in these travels lead me to begin to see the dimension of Nature only found in
symmetry. I used all my background studies to learn to identify the archetypal patterns that would
come up over and over again. In this way I began to see not just the physical but also the spiritual
dimension of Nature, and how it related to me. I started to see the wisdom that has been lost that can
bring us back into balance.

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The Book

This is a picture of myself along the Columbia River placed in symmetry. It shows the yielding receptive power of the yin aspect of the I-Ching which is the trigram number two “The Receptive”. In the center of this picture is a golden chalice. The top of the chalice looks like a blue butterfly. This is the transforming womb of Mother Wisdom, and her face is in the center of it. On each side, the fallopian tubes reach out towards my head, where the dancers are dancing life into being. The charioteer is poised above like “the creative heaven”, which is the first trigram of the I-Ching representing the yang aspect. He waits for the right time to move forward and as he sits in his chariot, he too meditates on the Holy Grail in front of him. In the hidden third he can bring it into motion through spirit in matter. For many decades my prayer has been for the renewing of my mind. This picture tells me that my prayer is in line with the process. I pray this for everyone. May we find our holy grail, and live our destiny.

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